1. Freaks
    England, UK
  2. Dave Aju
    Los Angeles, California
  3. Lil Mark
  4. Joshua Iz
    Chicago, Illinois
  5. Demuir
    Toronto, Ontario
  6. Tyree Cooper
    Las Vegas, Nevada
  7. Mr. Tophat
    Stockholm, Sweden
  8. Ben Gomori / G. Markus
    London, UK
  10. JustinHarris
    Ibiza, Spain
  11. lordleopard
    Bristol, UK
  12. Matt Tolfrey
    London, UK


Music For Freaks London, UK

A long time ago them Freaks built a bridge with Chicago. It was a long Freaky bridge that absorbed a whole community of misfits. They joined forces and built a fort under the banner of Music for Freaks.
The fort was built to protect them from the normals - but also a place to build an army of associated miscreants that would slowly begin their attack on the offending world of bland dance music.
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